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Boyd Bailey is the founder of Wisdom Hunters, Inc. and author of our daily devotionals. By God’s grace, Boyd has impacted wisdom hunters in over 86 countries across the globe through the Wisdom Hunters’ daily devotionals, blog, and devotional books. For over 30 years Boyd has passionately pursued wisdom through his career in full-time ministry, executive coaching and mentoring. Since becoming a Christian at the age of 19, Boyd has begun each day as a wisdom hunter, diligently searching for Truth in scripture, and through God’s grace, applying it to his life, and now sharing that with thousands of others.

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Author, Speaker, and Founder of Wisdom Hunters

Wise living is all about the Lord Jesus Christ. What is His best? What is His will? What are His ways when I’m puzzled about the wise thing to do? Sometimes I find myself inexperienced concerning the situation I face. I might lack confidence or objectivity in making the right judgment. Hallelujah, my heavenly Father wants me to know Him and know His plan for my life. My Lord longs for me to walk with Him in His ways. 

Wise living requires keeping the realization and understanding of God at the center of our thinking. An awareness of Christ becomes centerpiece to our core beliefs. What would Jesus do? Grows into a way of life. His desires, His motivations, His thoughts, and His character capture our imagination. This leads to wise living, for it is Christlike living.

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"Wise living requires keeping the realization and understanding of God at the center of our thinking."


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